Scotland for Employee Ownership

The industry leadership group established by the First Minister in 2018, with the simple aim of making Scotland the best country in the world for establishing and growing employee-owned businesses.
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Aquascot has been a dedicated partner of Waitrose since 2003. Together, we set high standards, share a passion for great-tasting, nutritious food and continue to invest in the Scottish salmon industry.
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Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation

The SSPO is the voice of Scottish farmed salmon, the UK’s biggest food export.
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The British Trout Association

The British Trout Association Ltd (BTA) represents the UK trout farming industry and aims to provide a legislative framework for the industry, to encourage research and development and to promote generic marketing activities within the industry.
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Aquascot Food Waste Report 2021

Our commitment is to reduce our Food Waste by 60% by 2030, measured against our Base Year of 2018/19 - this exceeds the industry target of a 50% reduction in the same period. In the past year, our total food handled has increased by >700 tonnes and our internal controls have maintained our food waste at around 0.5%.

download file - Aquascot Food Waste Report 2021
Aquascot Food Waste Report 2020

Aquascot is part of the industry-wide “Food Waste Reduction Roadmap” led by IGD (Institute of Grocery Distribution) & WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme), helping the UK food industry achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 to halve food waste by 2030. In our first full year of reporting, we have achieved a significant reduction in our food waste of almost 50%, and our target for 2020/2021 is to achieve a further 10% reduction.

download file - Aquascot Food Waste Report 2020
Partners' Charter 2020

This Charter is the partners’ guide to employee ownership at Aquascot, providing information on the structure, ownership and governance at Aquascot Ltd.

download file - Partners' Charter 2020
Scottish Salmon - A Better Future For Us All

Our sector ambition is to become world-leading in the provision of healthy, tasty, nutritious food, produced in the most responsible and sustainable way.

download file - Scottish Salmon - A Better Future For Us All

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